Sadie L. Medina

Sadie L. Medina

Jun 12th, 1935 - Jan 7th, 2019
  • Birth Date: Jun 12, 1935
  • Death Date: Jan 7, 2019
  • Funeral Date: Jan 18, 2019
  • Location: Greater Central Baptist Church
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Biography: Sadie Lugene  Medina was born on June 12, 1935 in Williston, South Carolina to the late Harry and Susie Anna Pinkney.  She was the fourth child of ten children.  She peacefully departed this life on Monday, January 7, 2019.
At an early age, Sadie and her family moved to New York City where she remained until her demise.  As a young woman, she met and married the late Fernando Medina.  From this union four children were born. 
Sadie was a customer service engineer. She attended and graduated from The Crown Business Institute.
For many years, Sadie travelled throughout the Tristate area singing gospel songs in countless churches.  She was featured on many programs with several famous gospel singers, such as Bobby Jones, the Five Blind Boys of Alabama, The Swanee Quintets, the Bell Gospel Singer, W.C. Childress Chorus and more.  Sadie loved attending worship service at the First Ebenezer Baptist Church in Harlem, where she was a member.   One of her favorite phrases was “Try the Spirit by the Spirit.” 
Working at the polls on Election Day was one of Sadie’s highlights.  She was a member of the Sojourner Truth Democratic Club in the 68th Assembly District, Part D.  She enjoyed working with State Senator Perkins and his wife, Pam.  On Election Day, Sadie would often set the alarm clock for 2:00 AM. She would leave the house by 4:00 AM in order to reached the poll site, only a few blocks away, by 5:00 AM.  She was ecstatic when our former President Obama was elected and she adored the Obama family. 
Sadie believed in speaking her mind and expressing her true feelings.  Helping and sharing with others were a part of her character.  She will always be remembered for referring to people as, “Baby”.
Sadie was preceded in death by her husband, Fernando Medina; two children: Fernando Medina, Jr. and Laura Medina; seven siblings: Sophie Pinkney, Sammie Pinkney, Floyd Pinkney, Bessie Scott, Harry Pinkney, Jr., Alice Pinkney, and Lenzie Pinkney.  Her memories will be cherished by two children, Carmen Medina and Alvin Medina; five grandchildren: Sean Medina, Chenelle Lewis, Korey Medina, Jerome Carr and Elijah Medina; four great grandchildren: Dennis Cox, Jamara Whitt, Leah Mitchell, and Korioyna Medina; two sisters: Fannie Suber and Jessie Pinkney; three nephews: Pierre Bonaparte, Glenn Pinkney, and Marcus Blount; and two nieces: Rita Pinkney and Helene Blount.  Sadie will also be missed by a host of other relatives and dear friends.

Janet G
Feb 15th, 2019 6:26 am
Sadie has touched many life with her achievements and life experiences. She will be missed. Imagine a time in the future when those in the grave will be brought back to life here on earth! The Bible repeatedly speaks of such a time. Describing what conditions on earth will then be like, the Bible states that God “will wipe out every tear from [our] eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore.”—Revelation 21:3, 4

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