Ivy May Barnett

Ivy May Barnett

Jul 16th, 1933 - Jul 17th, 2020
  • Birth Date: Jul 16, 1933
  • Death Date: Jul 17, 2020
  • Funeral Date: Aug 7, 2020
  • Location: Canaan Baptist Church
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Biography: Ivy May Barnett (nee Johnson) was born on July 16, 1933 in Richmond, St. Mary, Jamaica WI. She was the first of three children born to Emma Johnson, but she was nurtured and raised by her beloved grandmother, Frances Johnson. Frances Johnson was a God-fearing farmer and businesswoman. She recognized Ivy’s natural ability to keep accurate business records and ensured that Ivy got the opportunity to become educated. Ivy was an outstanding student who, later, became the Head Girl of Pennington Academy.
On April 18, 1954, Ivy married Vincent Samuel Barnett. This union produced four girls: Marjorie, Marcia, Sandra and Maulese. The couple went on to owning and successfully operating various types of businesses.
One of Ivy’s biggest accomplishments was her opening of Boundbrook Commercial College. It went through many changes, but approximately fifteen years this institution provided education and training for students in need of a “second chance” and was noted for producing efficient and reliable secretaries and accountants.
Ivy was also head of the Business Department at Titchfield High School for many years and faithfully served the Port Antonio community and the Northeastern Christian Brethren region. She was versatile and effective in her roles as Chairperson (4-H Club) Treasurer (Bethesda Gospel Hall) and Director (the Portland chapter of the Jamaica Red Cross).
Ivy May Barnett was ushered into heaven from her New York home on July 17, 2020, at the age of 87 years. She is now “absent from the body and present with the Lord”.
Ivy is survived by:  her husband of 66 years, Vincent; her children: Marjorie, Marcia, Sandra and Maulese; stepchildren: Owen and Vivienne; grandchildren: Michelle, Shawn Sr., Yollette, Dameon, Kerieda, Maulford and Cliffannie; great-grandchildren: Paul Jr., Travis, LaShawn, Shawn Jr., Salek, John Jr., Annelese and Preston; great great-grandchildren, sons-in-law Valentine and Elwaldo, and a host of other relatives and friends.


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