Albert Boone, Jr.

Albert Boone, Jr.

Apr 24th, 1932 - Oct 19th, 2020
  • Birth Date: Apr 24, 1932
  • Death Date: Oct 19, 2020
  • Funeral Date: Nov 4, 2020
  • Location: Owens Funeral Home Chapel
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Albert Boone Jr. was born April 24, 1932 in Newsome, VA to the late Mr. Albert Dawson Boone Sr., and Mrs. Mamie Boone. He was the youngest of three children, Frances Boone Williams and “Pudding” Boone.
Albert Boone Jr., (known as "Bruh" to the family) left the South at a young age with Ophelia Majette. He and she shared the same birthday, April 24th. In , they later married and had seven children; five of his children preceded him in death-Patricia and Mildred (died as infants), while Olivia, Cynthia and Al all died as adults. His remaining two children are Calvin and Sheila Boone.

Albert Boone Jr. was a God-fearing man, who walked by faith and not by sight. He would always end the phone call with a prayer, and with “May God bless you and keep you until we meet again”. From the time of a young boy, he was always diligent and hard-working. He worked various jobs throughout his life.  He was gifted with his hands working as a handy-man and construction worker. At one point in his life, he worked in the , and he was also a driver.

Albert Boone, Jr. was a tall, fashionable and elegant man in his youth. He was artistic and musically inclined, very independent, pleasant, friendly and comical. His comical phrases included, "Turn it loose, don't bring the juice," "Catch you later , after while ," "Hello, cello,"  and ending a sentence with "You know what I mean boom, boom, boom." He was a natural charmer, often charming the ladies. He was an immaculate and witty speller.  He loved to make beautiful key chains and beautiful picture frames by interweaving empty cigarette packs and gum wrappers (origami). He loved playing the harmonica and the guitar. At times he would even play outside on nice days with a group of his friends. One of his favorite songs to play was Blue Suede by Elvis Presley.
The death of Albert Boone, Jr. was untimely and unexpected. He was loved and will be missed forever by us all. He leaves behind his two children, Calvin and Sheila Boone; grandchildren Stephanie, Shareeta, Brandon, Aneesha, Kirsten, Gabriel, and a new grandson this month; great grandchildren Sariah, Brandon Jr, Sabrina, Jaxon, Jayla and Mia; sister-in-law Eula Bynum; as well as a host of nieces, nephews, and great nieces and great nephews.


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