Robert Asheem Hill

Robert Asheem Hill

Nov 20th, 1981 - Apr 27th, 2021
  • Birth Date: Nov 20, 1981
  • Death Date: Apr 27, 2021
  • Funeral Date: May 8, 2021
  • Location: Owens Funeral Home Chapel
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Biography: Robert Asheem Hill was born on November 20, 1981 in Bronx, New York at Bronx Lebanon Hospital to father Jason Philibert and mother Valerie Hill. He was the middle child to his older brother Rahsheek Hill and younger sister Ebony Hill. 
Robert attended elementary school P.S.121 in his early to mid-child years, where he lived most of his life growing up in the Bronx, New York. He then went on to Thomas Jefferson High School in Brooklyn, New York to complete his final years.
Robert always kept good grades and was always respectful to his elders. He was surrounded by a crowd of unique close childhood friends. He was known for being vibrant, humble and most popular. Since his early days Robert has always been a ladies man he was most liked by the girls and he didn’t show shyness to the attention either. He always had that adorable smile, calm personality, and respectful vibes when you were around him. He was also known for being helpful, cheerful and gentle throughout his life.
Robert was loved by his parents, siblings, and entire family. He was very spoiled and absolutely the family’s favorite. He shared many happy memories and moments with the family. He was very protective about his loved ones.
Unfortunately Robert wasn’t the 9-5 type of guy, he always view himself as an Entrepreneur. He always thought he was the boss and even the bigger brother to his oldest brother at times.
Robert became a father for the first time at the age of 27 years old. He was proud and excited. Fatherhood was very accepting to him which he very much enjoyed. His relationship with his son made him view life itself differently because he realized he had a new best friend and a partner like Batman and Robbin. Robert later on became a father again to four more children which would be five in total, all of whom he absolutely adored. You didn’t know Robert if you didn’t know he lived for his children because that was one of his daily tasks, to be with his children. Becoming a father for him was a big accomplishment he loved his
children and everyone else’s children. He showed so much love and was very gentle with his and everyone’s children.
Roberts’s late mother, Valerie Hill, once said that Robert followed in his father’s footsteps in a lot ways and had most of his great qualities. He loved all of his children equally and treated all of them the same.
Robert always had a different mindset. He had dreams of becoming a business owner and he wanted to purchase a house for all of his children. He would always say “I’m gonna do it for mommy so she can see I completed my promise”.
Robert was preceded in death by his mother, Valerie Hill and Uncle Howard Philibert.
Robert’s two baby sisters would love to express their unconditional love by saying they will forever keep him in their hearts and prayers.
Robert Asheem Hill leaves behind: his children Phoenix Hill age 12 years old, Peyton Hill age 8 years old, Royalty Hill age 6 years old, Parker Hill age 5 years old and Robert Junior age 6 years old; Parent Jason Philibert; Grandparents: Daphne and Ruben Philibert; Siblings: Rahsheek Hill, Ebony Hill, Jason Phillips, Janiqua Philibert, Janisha Philibert,  Reagin Jackson, Jasondra Foy and Samantha Foy; Aunts and Uncles: Eddie Burns, Christopher Hill, Christen Hill, Jacquelyn Philibert, Caroline Philibert, Kerry Philibert, Jaysley Philibert, Salejay Philibert, Zaheed Philibert, Ainsley Philibert and a host of other, amazing family members.



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