Matthew J. Gaston

Matthew J. Gaston

Dec 6th, 1983 - Feb 24th, 2021
  • Birth Date: Dec 6, 1983
  • Death Date: Feb 24, 2021
  • Funeral Date: Mar 2, 2021
  • Location: Chambers Memorial Baptist Church
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Biography: Matthew John Gaston was born in Sloan Hospital in New York, New York on December 6, 1983, to Lisa Hopewell and Joseph John Gaston. Both preceded him in death. He was their only little baby.  They loved him so much. After three months, Joseph had a loving request to his sister Jeannette Gaston, “please go get my son”. Lisa said “once you lay eyes on him, you will never want to let him go” And Lisa was right! Without hesitation, a sister answered a brother’s call. Sis. Jeannette Gaston went and got Matthew from the hospital and he’s been hers ever since and she has never let him go!  
Matthew, also known as Matt and/or Matt-Mittens, as a baby was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. NOTHING stopped Sis. Gaston, his mom, from loving him just as he was her own - He is! The diagnosis was supposed to cause stumbling blocks in Matt’s life.  Matt was never taught that there was anything wrong with him and there was nothing he couldn’t do! He did everything! His resilience and the love from his mom and all who surrounded him catapulted Matt into becoming his own. Matt was educated in the New York school system.  Matt rode bikes and he loved playing basketball and was one of the best at it.  Rarely could anybody hold him.  Matt was known for his deep voice and his smile was one you will never forget.  His laugh would make you laugh. Walking down the street you would see Matt holla at everybody. And all would holla right back at Matt. He loved spending time with his family and his friends. He made time for everybody. Matt loved to walk just like his daddy. He walked everywhere. 
And One day in 2005, Matt walked right into the life of Tenisha Jones.  They loved each other.  She said it was his voice that did it for her! And two years later, a bundle of joy was born, named Jahmeire Matthew Gaston.  He is the pride and joy of Matthew’s life. Matthew was soo proud of his son. And Matt was a good father and had recent hopes of being an even better father to his son.  And they made that agreement on last Monday.  If you know Matt, you know all he wanted to do was “be a man”.  His favorite three words, “I’m a man”. He wanted everyone to know he could do things on his own. He didn’t want no pity and no handouts. 
Matthew grew up in the church and was a member, thanks to his mom who led the way. He knows who God is and loved being on the children’s choir in Chambers Memorial Baptist Church. He spent many days, including his older age talking to his Bishop, brother-in-law, Bishop Lawrence Edgerton Sr. on life and how to make good choices. Bishop has been praying with Sis. Gaston, for Matthew every day. She loves him sooo much and was so happy each day to hear his name being called to God. And we all were blessed to know that his health and his attitude were much better.  Matthew was so happy about this and thanked all who were praying for him, on last Monday at his moms 80th birthday celebration. And On that Wednesday morning, February 24, 2021, God decided to call him home to be with Him. 
Waiting to welcome Matt in Heaven are his parents, Lisa and Joseph, grandmother Mattie Hopewell, sister Regina, uncles Jimmy, Johnnie and Jerome, niece Tawanna and nephew Te’ryell. 
MATT leaves to cherish his memories forever: his mom, Trustee Jeannette Gaston, his son Jahmeire Matthew Gaston, siblings: Jeannette Sylvester, Gregory Gaston, Daniel Gaston (w/ wife: Iyesha Johnson-Gaston) Rev. Donnell Edgerton ( w/ husband Bishop Lawrence Edgerton Sr. ) Alvin Gaston,  uncles: Jerry Gaston ( w/wife Gloria Gaston ) and Jeffery Gaston, mother of his son, Tenisha Jones and over twenty nieces and nephews, his best friend Jude and a lot more family and friends. 
We are so grateful to know that Matt loves us and that we all love him too!! 


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